Diversity Survey Results

As required by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and as part of the firm’s accreditation to undertake Probate Services, we are required to undertake diversity monitoring which is carried out on an annual basis.

Staff were requested to provide diversity data on a voluntary basis in accordance with ICAEW guidance and 94% responded. This is sufficient to provide a reliable analysis of the firm’s diversity profile.

Our firm is an equal opportunities employer respecting individuals and encouraging progression based on merit regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds.

We have a stable workforce where the majority have been with us for many years. We also operate in an area where there are very few candidates for new jobs which would fit in to some of the categories in which we do not have representation. If a vacancy arises then we will of course offer it to all candidates of any age, race, creed or sexual persuasion. Support will be given as far as possible within the resources of our firm for disabled candidates and we will follow the ICAEW policies on diversity where possible given our size and structure. We offer flexible working where staff require it.

The results as at 31 March 2021 of the responses received are as follows:-

Chartered Accountant Partners 1
Chartered Accountant Managers 1
Qualified Chartered Accountants 3
Other Accountant Managers 1
Other qualified Accountants 0
Training Chartered Accountant 2
Direct Support Staff 4
Others 1
Prefer not to say 2

The age profile of the firm is as follows:-

16-24 0
25-34 4
35-44 1
45-54 4
55-64 5
65+ 1

Gender distribution is as follows:-

Male 5
Female 10


All respondents were considered not disabled as per the Equality Act. One respondent was affected to a limited extent by a mental health issue.

Ethnic Group

Of the 15 respondents, 14 considered they were British/English/Welsh/Northern Irish/Scottish and 1 was White and Black Caribbean.

Sexual Orientation

14 confirmed they were heterosexual and 1 preferred not to say.


11 respondents confirmed being Christian, and 3 had no religion and 1 preferred not to say.

Social-Economic Background

1 respondent had a parent or parents who had a degree level qualification, 5 had parents with no formal qualification.

11 respondents confirmed that they attended a UK state school between the ages 11-18 and 2 confirmed that they attended a UK independent/fee-paying school, 1 attended a school selective on academic, faith or academic grounds and 1 preferred not to say.

Social Mobility

The higher level of qualifications for the respondents were as follows:-

Degree Level 5
A Level or vocational qualifications 5
Qualifications below A Level 4

1 respondent confirmed that during their school years their family received income support, whilst 14 confirmed that they did not.

14 respondents confirmed that during their school years that they did not receive free school meals, 1 did.

Caring Responsibilities

2 respondents confirmed that they were a primary carer for a child or children under 18 and 13 confirmed that they were not.

The following respondents look after, or give any help or support to family members, friends, neighbours of either:-

  • Long term physical or mental ill health/disability
  • Problems related to old-age
NO 9
YES – 1-9 hours per week 2
YES – 20-49 hours per week 1
YES – 50 or more hours per week 1
Prefer not to say 2

Marital Status

Single 5
Married 6
Separated 1
Divorced 2
Prefer not to say 1


2 respondents have taken maternity or paternity leave in the past 5 years, returned to their current employer after leave and receive additional leave for antenatal appointments and flexible working arrangements were offered.

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